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Dr. Geoffrey Bean, DDS

Providing the absolute safest and highest quality anesthesia experience available.

About Dr. Geoffrey Bean, DDS

Dr. Geoffrey Bean, Anesthesiologist, is a thoroughbred Washingtonian.

He attended dental school at the University of Washington followed by dental anesthesia training at Loma Linda University where he serendipitously met and married his wife. After graduating, they moved back to Washington to put down some roots and raise their family. They have been blessed with 2 girls and a boy. Dr. Bean is a board-certified dentist anesthesiologist, diplomat of the American Society of Dental Anesthesiology and an AHA accredited Basic Life Support (BLS) instructor. He has current certifications in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and BLS. In addition, Dr. Bean is an affiliate faculty at the University of Washington.

Dr. Bean’s focus has been providing the absolute safest and highest quality anesthesia experience available and has been fortunate to work with some of the best dentists in Washington as well. In addition to PNW Dental Anesthesia Services, Dr. Bean helped found Green Leaf Dental (if you live in the Seattle area you should look them up!). Green Leaf Dental is a true family practice with the facilities and expertise to offer comprehensive dental care to patients with unique medical conditions that necessitate the use of sedation or general anesthesia to treat.

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Dr. Geoffrey Bean, Anesthesiologist, skiing with his wife and daughter
Geoff Bean smiles as he wrangles his daughters on ferry to Seattle

“Work to play” has been Dr. Bean’s philosophy and on the weekends he enjoys skiing, reading, travelling, anything on the water, and spending time with his family.

Dr. Geoffrey Bean, Anesthesiologist, smiles with a colleague
Geoff Bean smiling and holding his young daughters
Dr. Geoffrey Bean, DDS, listening to a young patient's heartbeat with stethoscope


Questions frequently asked by parents about anesthesia.

Is it safe?

Yes. General anesthesia wouldn’t be a modality of treatment if the dental/medical communities believed otherwise. In dental anesthesia, safety correlates directly with patient health; the healthier the patient, the safer the anesthetic. Healthy patients undergoing general anesthesia for dental work have nearly the lowest risk of any surgical procedure.

What’s wake-up like?

We will bring you back into recovery 15–20 minutes before your child wakes up, ensuring you’re the first person they see when they come around. Occasionally, we see a fussy kiddo and it’s most often attributed to the unusual and icky feelings they are experiencing (and not due to pain). Your child will be a bit wobbly and sleepy afterwards but as soon as they can respond to verbal commands, they are ready to go home!

What do I use?

The overwhelming majority of kids in the US are put to sleep using a gas called sevoflurane which is what we utilize. It typically takes 30–60 seconds for the medicine to work. Special considerations for larger or more combative children can be made.

How will I wake them up?

Modern general anesthetics are short-acting, which means that when we are finishing up I simply taper off the anesthetic and they wake up on their own within 30 minutes.

How do I monitor the patients?

We use the some of the highest quality and up-to-date anesthesia equipment available which help us continually monitor the heart rate (EKG), oxygen levels of the blood (pulse oximetry), blood pressure (BP), body temperature, exhaled carbon dioxide (Et CO2), airway pressure and volume of each breath (tidal volume). These exceed the required monitors from the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA).

Can I be in the room with my child?

You are welcomed and even encouraged to be in the room with your child until they are asleep. Once your child is fast asleep, we ask that you leave the room.

Will my child have a breathing tube or IV and, if so, why?

IVs and breathing tubes are considered the standard of care for delivering general anesthesia. They enable us to monitor and control vitals as well as aspects of breathing. There are instances when a breathing tube or IV aren’t indicated.

From Colleagues & Parents


While providing care as a pediatric dental specialist, being able to offer care under general anesthesia is important for my patient’s overall health. Even more important is finding an anesthesiologist to trust with the care of my patients while carrying out the needed dental treatment. Dr. Bean is an amazing addition to our surgical team as he is not only well-trained and experienced in pediatric anesthesia but is dependable and prepared to safely care for my patients. In addition, he understands the importance of customer service and integrity when it comes to the interactions with patient parents both leading up to as well as on the day of dental surgery. He empathizes and communicates well with patient families giving an absolutely positive experience for both the patient as well as the parents from start to finish all while working seamlessly with my office and team. Without Dr. Bean, our surgical days wouldn’t be the same.

Jared Roberts, DDSThe Kids’ Dentist Renton

I’ve worked with Dr. Geoff Bean for 5+ years now and have done well over 1,000 GA cases with him. He puts a premium on safety and creating a positive experience for the patient, all while being a good steward of our practice. Dr. Bean is an essential part of our treatment team — he’s the best!

Nick Raklios, Pediatric DentistCascadia Kids Dentistry

Dr. Bean is gifted at earning the trust of the patients and parents he cares for. And more importantly, I feel confident in his ability to provide safe and conscientious anesthesia. With Dr. Bean, I know my families are in good hands.

Dr. Kristina DurickasCascadia Kids Dentistry

Dr. Bean is one of the best anesthesia providers I have worked with. I appreciate his compassionate approach and our patients cannot say enough about his unsurpassed level of care and attention to detail. Through the years, Dr. Bean has administered anesthesia to hundreds of our patients and continues to deliver an outstanding track record of safety. He provides each patient the individual attention they deserve and will go the extra mile to ensure that the administration and recovery from anesthesia is as seamless as possible.

Dr. Stephen KimEveryone By One Pediatric Dentistry

I don’t know where to begin with why Dr. Brian and Dr. Bean, our anesthesiologist for the procedure, deserve 5 stars. I’ll do my best!

Dr. Brian’s staff is the sweetest. I had been bringing my oldest son for a while and, after my youngest had multiple issues with the previous dentist, we switched over. The staff is kind, caring, patient, and so great with children.

Today I had to bring my youngest in to do quite a bit of damage control from his previous dentist. Dr. Brian was so incredibly thorough and more importantly he listened to me and my concerns. When my son’s tooth was pulled, I was told it wasn’t a big deal even after I expressed why it might be. Today when I asked Dr. Brian, he agreed it was a problem and made a custom mold to make sure the adult tooth comes in correctly. He walked me through everything and was ready to answer any question I had. I felt that my son was/is in the best of hands.

Dr. Bean is such a blessing to Dr. Brian’s office. When I say I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with anesthesia for my children, I truly mean it. They wake up fighting mad and are a danger to themselves. At my son’s last dentist, they literally came and got me and told me I needed to take him and leave because he was scaring other children. Dr. Bean listened to literally everything I had to say and made it very clear how important it was to him that my son wake up happy and safe. To begin the procedure, they had me come in the back so I could be with him and they walked me through what I might see. When he was all done, they let me stay until he woke up and even then they were ready to let us stay if he needed it.

The amount they care for their patients is what makes the difference. My child was being taken care of and he mattered to them, and that was evident from the moment we scheduled the appointment. I will absolutely never take my children anywhere else and I will tell our story to anyone who will listen. The experience my son had with his previous dentist is what made him scared of going to the dentist. He is no longer scared and that is truly thanks to Dr. Brian and his entire staff.

Danielle M.The Kids’ Dentist Gig Harbor

My toddler (now just shy of 2.5yrs old) has been seeing Dr. Brian since she was 15 months old when I noticed she had some discoloration to her teeth. I ended up going to The Kids Dentist for a second opinion after the first dentist’s plan didn't seem real great to me. He saw her every 3 months to keep check on the decay and was honest and so informative with his advice each time. Earlier this summer, he said he felt that it was finally time to take action to fix my daughter's teeth to get rid of any chance of an infection taking place. He left the option up to me but gave me great information to be able to make a choice with confidence.

Because she is so young, they would have to put her under general anesthesia (which scared the heck out of me!). But Dr. Brian and his anesthesiologist, Dr. Bean, were INCREDIBLE through the whole process. They walked me through every step of their plan, thoroughly explained what to expect going into and coming out of the anesthesia, let me hold her and the mask so she was the most comfortable as she fell asleep, and let me be beside her waiting for her to wake up.

Everything went so smoothly. Thank you so much Dr. Brian and Dr. Bean! What a blessing this pair is! My daughter's teeth look absolutely beautiful!!!!! And because of their care, compassion, and communication, neither my daughter nor I are traumatized from the experience.

I suggest all parents take their kiddos to this office! Not only is the office SO cute and fun for the little ones, the staff is incredibly kind, and everyone is so helpful.

Andrea T.The Kids’ Dentist Gig Harbor